One point separates top two riders

Study the leader board and you will see a dramatic event unfolding. With just two events left in the Flyover Series; one point separates the top two riders, in men’s pro 1/2. Making it more dramatic is that fact that The race for the top spot is between two KAOS teammates. Last year’s champion Lee Bumgarner is on top of the leader board and¬†Jordan Ross, also of team KAOS is second. The race between these title rivals is followed by Johathan Toftoy in third position. In the women’s side of the leader board we see a similar race for the second. Jennifer Rife is just three points ahead of Diedre Ribbens. Suzie Goebel is in first position with 61 points.
Clear Lake, Iowa, Midwest Flyover is set up to be an important  factor in the race for championships.

With one week until Clear Lake, fans and riders will want to stay tuned to this Flyover Blog.

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