Leader board update: one race weekend to go!

Men’s Pro 1-2: Jordan Ross has taken a commanding lead over last year’s champion, Lee Bumgarner. Ross has 71, Bumgarner 45. The closest race is for the second position where Bumgarner is only one point ahead of Johathan Toftoy and four points ahead of Daniel Ajer.

Women’s Pro: On the women’s side is a mirror image of the Men’s. Suzie Goebel has matched Ross’s 71 points while Vanessa Curtis, Diedre Ribbens and Lisa Vetterlein have totals of 45, 44 and 41.

Clear Lake, Crit
Clear Lake, Crit

The most exciting competition may be the team challenge. KAOS and Central Plains have traded leads from the first event in Iowa City. Going into Canton, Central Plains is only five points ahead of KAOS. Each rider can earn one point for their team by competing in each event, so recruiting riders to race multiple events will give a team the bonus points it needs to finish on top.

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