Good luck to all the riders in Minneapolis this weekend! Onsite Registration.

Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent.  ~Langston Coleman


Two quick reminders for riders this weekend.
1. Ride Safe
2. Show good sportsmanship

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR OMNIUM POINTS FOR CIRCUIT & TIME TRIAL We are all guests to the communities we are racing in. Please act as a responsible adult. Don’t do or say anything that will jeopardize the opportunity to return in future years. Leave the race venue cleaner than when you arrived by cleaning up after yourself and others. The race staff have worked very hard to provide these racing venues and bring you a quality event and experience. Please be on your best behavior and respect other people’s property. Violators will be disciplined accordingly.

Classic Circuit Race & Time Trial
Onsite registration opens at 7:30 am and closes 20 minutes before each race. Registration will be by door 3 at Rockford HS on Henn Cty Rd 50 Make checks payable to Endurance Promotions.

Endurance Promotions Road Race
On site registration opens at 10 am and closes at11:30 am the Lester Prairie City Park Pavilion-Lester Prairie, MN Make checks payable to Endurance Promotions

Memorial Classic Critermium
On site registration starts at 8 am and closes 20 min before each race. In parking lot across from Waconia City Hall between Maple St and Vine St and south of 1st. Make checks payable to Endurance Promotions

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