Bike to work month! Let’s support bike friendly businesses!

Bike to Work Month
Bike to Work Month

Here are some fun bike to work stats for our Flyover cycling fans! Let’s support bike friendly businesses and our bike friendly team sponsors!
1. Bike to work is annual on May 16th.
2. More than 1/2 the population lives within five miles of their work.
3.  From 2000 to 2011 the number of bicycle commuters grew by 47%
4. Denver reported the biggest participation with one out of 28 adults participating. The second stop on the Flyover series is Minnesota. It’s ranked 12th for the number of bicycle commuters. ¬†Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis the #1 bike friendly city in the USA!
5. The national bike challenge runs from May 1st to September 30th – in 2014 the challenge is for 50,000 riders to log 30 million miles!
More stats and information on bike laws can be found at

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